He is a champ,

Good for company in a camp.

His nephew says he does ‘seva’

Everyone thinks he gets no ‘meva’

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First of all, I would like to render a hearty vote of thanks to  candygothkallisti for nominating me for THE LIEBSTER AWARD. She has a great blog, worth reading infinity times. Give some time for her blog Passion And Chaos. As suggested by her, I visited the page The Global Aussie page for the rules and regulations of the award. The award is for the new bloggers who look for inspirations and suggestions. I’m one of those, of course. I have a POETRY blog and I write about me, my experiences and my feelings. My poetry blog: A NEW ERA OF POETRY I’m always there searching for inspirations from every way possible. In between of all this, I found this nomination as a gift and a blessing. Continue reading “THE LIEBSTER AWARD”

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