He is a champ,

Good for company in a camp.

His nephew says he does ‘seva’

Everyone thinks he gets no ‘meva’

He is friendly to all

He attends mind’s every curious call.

He is the one who lightens up dark minds

He is the one who rejects myths of all kinds.

He is not superstitious 

His strong words can make a person ambitious.

He faces all ups and downs with courage 

In his life, he avoids every kind of discourage.

Besides all sorts of taunting

He knows what his heart is wanting.

He has his own pretty ways of living life

Come what may, he never does a strife.

He ignores coded barbs which are close to home

His wisdom is as fertile as loam

The way he influences is so mesmerizing 

The audience automatically feel a magnetizing 

He runs a Non Governmental Organization 

He helps the youth of the nation

He has kindness as an addiction 

He never lets his mind suffer starvation 

He relates and co-relates things easily

He faces all his problems breezily

He is peripatetic

His ideas are always kinetic.


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