Without each other, we are incomplete

Like a pencil without a paper sheet

Like honey production without a bee

Like waves without the sea

We create chaos together

We are incomplete without each other

Like a shoe without the leather

Our bond is getting better and better

Whole day is spent in chitter and chatter

We are a mix of six

With lots of memory pics

All are studious

So, our teachers love us

Maths made us united

Many problems are instantly sighted

Our castes don’t matter

Tension is what we shatter

We never care about the world

None of our hair are fully curled

Commerce is what we study about

And we often fight and shout

People think we’re crazy

We love the weather which is breezy

Merry merry is our mood

We share all kinds of food

We share knowledge about everything

None of us have got their king

Maths is a problem for some out of all

But it’s a compulsion for college’s call

Our name —- #RiNiRiPaSiMa

We all are expert in drama

RIYA is crazy about travel, travel and travel

Twice she had a ride on camel

NISHIKA’s lifeline is chocolate

It’s eaten on every date

RITIKA loves coffee

It is consumed more than a toffee

PAYAL lives for food

She has a super crazy mood

SIMRAN has affection for music

She always eats with a lick

Β MAHI has her phone

It cures her when she feels lone

That’s all about our mad group

All together we are a happy troop


If you can relate to any one of us, feel free to mention below.

It’ll be a pleasure….


18 thoughts on “#RiNiRiPaSiMa

Add yours

  1. Wonderful poem riya! Hope all of you together achieve more and more in life and always stay blessed ❀ Also, Your friend Payal’s description sounds a bit like me πŸ˜‚ Give my same pinch to her 😁

    Liked by 3 people

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