I miss the future plans we made

And the afternoons spent in shade

Those trips of future

And sitting on a single chair

Those cute selfies

And together eaten sweet berries

That plan of after school trip around India

And the sweet bond of Anchal and Riya

We planned a trip to Paris after graduation

And to Switzerland after Master’s completion

New York was to be visited when we completed five years of job

Because we WERE different from the mob

Those plans of travelling for celebrations and after every five years

Went in vain with tears

I miss you every day, hour and second

Memories are strong like stormy winds

I miss those classes bunked together

And seeing beautiful colours on bird’s feather

Dancing in the rain

Always together at times of pain

Helping each other

Caring like a mother

And scolding like a brother

You are a cheater, you left me alone

And today I’m writing about you with a sound of moan


It’s all about LOVE.

Also wrote this for her: Quote #7

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