A sleepless night

Spent in a fight

There was a dim light

Stress was at its height

Brain full of exam stress

Coffee in the cup was very less

No thoughts of worldly pleasures

No hunger for food which was once a precious treasure

The whole country was sleeping

My heart was weeping

Life felt like a burden

Syllabus looked like nothing is done

Hair were tangled in a messy bun

Beats were fast as a shot of gun

No phone, no games around

No travel thoughts, brain was home bound

There was immense fear

Which occurred just twice a year

Fear of failing

Tears ready for crawling

Fear of scoring low

And bad marks becoming a show

Trying to concentrate

But, it’s too late

Tension of future

Loose got the hair clutcher

I wish I had planned well

Not lying like a sea shell

Even if I did it

Still I would fall into a pit

No thought of sleeping

No time even for yawning

After midnight, tummy says,’I’m starving.’

Brain says,’Oh shut up! You are always craving.’

I wrote one more poem about EXAMINATIONS

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      1. आपकी लेखनी के लिए इन शब्दों का प्रयोग होना सार्थक हुआ

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