Animals and gardens,

For pollution, we ask pardons

Flora and fauna

We are sorry for our karma

Let’s switch to e-newspapers and e-books

To improve our nature’s looks

Use less plastic

Don’t give a can, a kick

Let’s make it pretty again

Raise it as an issue main

It’s not a game

Nor a joke which is lame

It’s a matter of shame

Beauty is just left in name

Preserve the beauty for your children

How will you teach them,’Lion is in the den’

The human specie will come to an end

If some stats continue to bend

Be mature

Save nature

Notice, just the difference of an alphabet changes the rhyme and sense completely

It’s time to hear NATURE’S ALARM

For more poems, click here: POETRY


9 thoughts on “WE ARE SORRY

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  1. Hi Riya, hope you are doing well. Nice post here it was very much needed because of smog in India these days.
    2nd I would like to to nominate you for bloggers award. Are you comfortable with this? Thanks dear

    Liked by 1 person

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