It’s a regular morning

Some are walking and some are running

One is in a hurry to reach office

Other is wandering with his miss

Some are out for a slow walk

And some are indulged in a politics talk

See a student running with his bag

He has got a permanent late tag

The other is waiting for the school bus at the stop

Earlier he used to eat lollipop

Grandpa’s and grandma’s are going to the park

Their fitness is always up to the mark

They do meditation and yoga

And youngsters play candy crush saga

Dozen of people are standing at the bus stop

While some are going to the daily needs shop

There’s a girl cycling to school

Today her mood seems to be cool

Fresh air

And a pure oxygen layer

Less vehicles, more people

And a flower emerging from the sepal

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Hey friends!! I will be away from WordPress for some while till March. Please don’t forget me. I’ll catch up with all my followers and readers. I have seen a sudden decrease in the stats which I think is because of my unavailability here. Please don’t forget me because I assure you that I remember every blogger friend of mine. Keep visiting my blog even if I can’t visit yours. I’ll surely check yours once I am back with free time.

Posts are scheduled till mid – January with new posts coming up every Tuesday and Saturday.

Bye Bye…take care

Have a good day…!!



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