REWIND 2019😉

We have come close to the end of 2019, actually the closest. It seems like we just started 2019, ‘Oh! I say that every year’. This year was full of ups and downs and life was like a roller-coaster throughout the year. This year was full of stress. I had exams every month, literally every month from January to December. At the same time, there were some happy hours too. This post is created to have a quick recap of 2019 of me and my blog.

2019 was an year in which I focused a lot on my blog. I had completely lost contact with the blogging world for a few months and finally I got up in February. I posted 62 posts in 2019, excluding this one.

My first post of 2019: Life In Commerce

The best performing post of 2019: Log Kya Kahenge

Some others are:

Missing You Buddy

My Unclear Books

The Limitless Ocean


The worst performing post of 2019: Life Is More Complex Than Mathematics And Science

There were many milestones in this journey. Milestones of 2019:



2nd Blogiversary

I reached 1,337 total likes this year. Currently, I have 300+ followers.

There were some more milestones but I regret I missed them out. I took screenshots but lost all of them.

Through the view point of blogging, this year was an amazing year for me. My blog grew to reach new heights. I extend a hearty thanks to all my readers and followers for all your love.

Wish you a great year ahead..!!



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