Time to recollect all memories

And to remember all funny stories

A day to remind us of all ups and downs

And to live like queens with crowns

A day to pen down sweet messages

Promising to remember each other till ages

Promising that we’ll never forget each other

Will be together like a pair of twin brother

Making boring shirts colourful

In future, they will be useful

Every message is special

Carries memories which are crucial

Planning that day was a struggle

It was like jumping in a puddle

I’ll read every word carefully

Each alphabet is as sweet as lily

Looking for every special person

All who taught me a love lesson

Some are still missing

I searched them a lot for scribbling

The day was full of fun

Felt like school had just begun

Made some confessions

Talked about new fashions

Overall, it was awesome

With a sunny breezy mausam (weather)


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