I’ll miss all my juniors

Even more than my seniors

Some boys and some girls

Who handled my mood curls

Met some in my buses

Some in corridor traces

Met some in school council

With memories of sharing a pencil

All of you are very sweet

I’ll surely plan a day to meet

They wiped off my tears

And participated in my laughter and cheers

They inquired about teachers

And their teaching features 

Will miss those smiles and greetings in corridor

A place to wander whenever we get bore

Those walks around the school

Which made our bond cool

Talking about crush and relationships

And sharing funny awkward tips

I recollected all this when I had a hug on farewell evening

I cried because we are tied with a love string 

Will never forget those morning and afternoon rides in the bus 

Which played a key role in connecting us 

Thanks for handling my crazy behavior

And for being there at times of rude nature

I love you; you all are very special to me 

No matter you are a he or she



7 thoughts on “MY JUNIORS

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  1. Loveeee uuuuu!! I wish u the best for your future!!❤❤
    U were indeed one of the sweetest seniors❤❤ and this poem is soo good!!😍😍 Keep up the good work!!💖💖 Will miss u!!:””)

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  2. Thankyouuu so much broooo!!! This literally reminded me all those memories made on that stupid khatara buss😭😭😭😭!!!!! I am literally gonnaaa miss you a lottt Thankyou so much for listening my shitttyyy talkksss! Will miss youu a lot specially in the buss!🌸🌸🌸 Grateful to know you and have you by my sidee!!! I will always be there when you need me (just a call away)🥺Lovee youu 3000❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Thankyou! Thanks for ur company, ur friendship,ur time, thanks for understanding me and helping me every time whenever I was in a miserable shit..! Thanks for those kiddish moments that I’ll save it for future to laugh on! Thanks for everything Di! Can’t forget those (Ryan got talent ) taunts and all the apologies written together! You will always be the one whom I can count upon! I LOVE YOU 💕

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