😊I’ll miss every day of my school life😊

💭Every memory was as sharp as a knife🗯️

☺️Those happy days☺️

🎉With packets of Lays🎉

😠Fights and quarrels😤

🌄Garden walks with squirrels🐿️

🎓Those back benches🎓

🍱Sharing tasty lunches🍱

😂Laughing and crying😭

📝And exam time praying🙏

😠Every teacher’s scolding😠

📄And funny paper folding📄

🚪Closing the door🚪

💃And dancing from the heart’s core🕺

💖Hugs for no reason💖

🌸Having fun in every season🍁

😑Quarreling and regretting it😞

😉Memories of stealing pencil kit😋

👍Encouraging each other for every test to come👍

💯Trying to match the answer of every sum💯

🎮Those instant games🎮

🗨️And talking about social fames🗨️

😉Shifting chairs and tables😉

🎶Like setting connection of cables 🎶

😂The funny ways of laughing🤣

😎And teamwork career planning 😎

🙊Planning a prank🙊

😜Doing it with someone who is frank😜

🔥Those designs on furniture and walls💥

📱And critically planned conference calls📱

🎊That dispersal fun🎊

🎒Will remember till the time of pension🎒

👯Those corridor walks👯

🚽And washroom talks🗯️

👂Whispering in ears💭

Forgetting all tears😢

👯Made lots of friends👯

💰We never bothered about money lends💸

❤️Will never forget you guys❤️

💞Say ‘see you soon‘ not goodbyes💞


Did you like the new emoji theme of the poem?

Reading your responses for the poem and the theme will be a hearty pleasure.


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