Days spent in serious thought,

Am I studying or going what?

Trying to decide what to revise,

When there is straining in my eyes.

Sitting with a pile of books,

Not caring about my beauty and looks.

Tangled thoughts in my brain,

Blood rushing through every vein.

Trying to do what is left over,

No parties, no makeover.

Trying to follow my plan timeline,

When every source of distraction gains a shine.

Tension rising with every passing day,

Just waiting for the month of May.

Making every minute count,

When stress is at the top of the mount.

Sometimes a sudden fear strikes my mind,

What if the checker is not kind?

Feeling anxious with many fears,

Which come out in the form of tears.

I wish the next month goes well,

And everyday starts with a happy morning bell.


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