My dearest friend wrote this poem for me today. This is her first poem, a perfect combination of true feelings and rhymes. You must read it. Please share your views about this sweet poetic wish.

A very Happieeeee bday to uuu ..🥳
I wanna say that i ♥uuuu..
I still remember the first day…😍
I think it was May 🤔🤔😂😂😂
We used to play game …
I don’t know when we will meet again ..😅😅
The first poem i have written ever ……
For my bestiee forever 😍♥♥
I know u are the queen of blogs …🧡
Nd i still don’t know how to solve logs 📈📉😂
We’re identified by #fourtynine4⃣9⃣
ANd its a ridiculous rhyme 🤣😂..
Uhh are the princess of my heart 👸
And a piece of Art 🎨
Our friendship has a bright glare 💥
Losing it is a nightmare 😱
I think its enough…I must stop 🖐🚦
Nd I’m damn sure that u will top 🤩
I hope you like this 🥰
Our friendship is a bliss💫

It touched me from within and gave a big smile on my face. I thank you from the deepest core of my heart. This wish made my day very special. Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it. Feel free to share your views about it.


37 thoughts on “THE BEST B-DAY WISH

Add yours

    1. Thank you for the sweet wish. I have seen that tag and I’ll be posting it soon. Sorry for being so late. Thanks for the tag. And yes, my birthday was a good day for me😊


      1. Hello Riya I am happy to hear you will do this Tag. I have not been on wordpress for a few days. Glad your Birthday was great for you Riya. I will check for your post. Have a wonderful day.

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          1. I will read some of your recent posts. My desk top computer is broken. I am sad about that. After the 30th I am taking it to Computer Doctor lol. I have not been here for a couple of days Riya.

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