Hello friends, here is a wonderful tag for feeling happy and grateful. MR. HOLLIMAN and JAMES gave me this opportunity by tagging me. So, let’s proceed with the rules and to do things about the tag.

Ten things that make me happy tag rules:

1. List 10 things that make you happy. (Linking to them, sharing pictures, writing poems about them, telling jokes, etc. are all encouraged but not required.)

2. Tag 10 people who make you happy (and notify them of their tag).


1. PARENTS:  My parents have always been the richest source of happiness in my life. They always take care of me as if I’m a budding flower. They fulfill my needs and support me during difficult times. I wrote a poem about my MOTHER few months back and I’m planning to write one for me father too. You may have a look at it: FOR MY MOM…


2. FRIENDS: My friends are like a combination of fun, adventure and care. They are a part of some of the best memories I have. They are always there to help me and guide me in times of need. Like my parents, I have written a poem about my friend circle also. You may have a look at it: #RiNiRiPaSiMa


3. WRITING: Writing gives me an inner pleasure. I write poems to express my inner feelings about myself, my life, my experiences and my environment. It gives a unique kind of happiness which comes from within. 


4. BLOGGING: Blogging helps me to share my compositions with people around the world. It helps me to connect with people around the world. I got to learn a lot of things since I joined WordPress. This platform gave me opportunities to share my work and improve. I have improvised my writings with time and expect to do it further. WordPress is like a family for me. 

Leadership concept

5. COOKING: It is a kind of escape from life. I usually make Indian dishes. Sometimes, cooking is just a kind of time pass and at other times, it is a source of happiness when I try out new dishes. I enjoy cooking.


6. TRAVELLING: Travelling is something, I think, which will be a part of everyone’s list. Exploring is full of fun and adventure. I love travelling, especially to places where the whether is cool and breezy. Travelling helps in releasing stress and all tensions of daily life routine. 

download (4)

7. NATURE: Nature is what I look for whenever I think about travelling or go out for some time. Nature gives a soothing feeling. I love its silence and limitless beauty, its undefined enchantress. 

8. YOUNG CHILDREN: Small children always please me. I just love playing with little babies. I love to see that innocent smile on their face and their naughty habits. 

download (6)

9. BRAINSTORMING: I’m a person who is on the creative side of life. I like productive discussions and problem solving. 

Group of young people writing in notebooks at table, closeup. Unity concept

10. READING: Most of the people who like writing, also like reading. I like reading novels, mainly inspiring ones like biographies or some based on social issues. Reading forms a part of activities which I do in free time. 

Group of People Standing Holding Motivation Letter

Participating in this tag was full of fun and enthusiasm. I recommend this to all my readers. Do give it a try.

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