Are You A Writer?

Hello beautiful readers,

This is Riya Gupta, the blogger back to your screen. I have been away for a while. But, now I am back with a good news. I am starting something big. And, I want all of you to join me.


I am starting a community of writers who are passionate about writing. The name of my community is “The Exploring Minds“. It is a community of writers.

But, what will you write? Where will I post it? Uff..! so many questions! Let’s answer them one-by-one:

What to do?

As a member of this community, you will have to submit one write-up per week or per month containing 1000 words. Or if you want more leniency, we can negotiate. Once you submit your content, your piece will be published on the website of with your name under it. I am launching this website on NEW YEAR.


It is completely a non-monetary bond between us. I don’t want a pay from you, and I want you to say the same.


  1. Certificate
  2. Freedom to choose the topic and write
  3. No strict deadlines
  4. Full-flowing creativity

How to Join?

This post may excite many bloggers out here. So, if you want to join this writers’ community, drop a comment below or drop an e-mail at

I hope my friends at WordPress will help me and support me in my new venture. Please share this post to your near and dear readers and writers.

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