I am a person who is creative, expressive(sometimes, over expressive), loves to enjoy life and make new friends.

I love to express myself in a poetic manner as I think that it’s the best and the most creative way to express oneself. I can bring out every feeling inside me with the power of words. The words, when rhymed together, make a beautiful sense. It brings out beauty in the text and the way one expresses must be soothing to the readers.

So, this is what makes me passionate about blogging. I write when I deeply feel about something and I can’t tell that to somebody directly. So, I write it and publish. I felt that it’s good to write and express. It gives me a feeling of peace and calmness, when I extract my words out of my heart and apprise them openly.

In addition to this, when I write and publish, I get to know about new words, phrases and idioms which I never even thought about, words which can enhance my vocabulary, words which help me to express better and on top of all, words which help to bring out the best in me.

As I said, I love making new friends, blogging platform helps me to know new people and share my thoughts and views with them and know theirs. I have made many friends throughout my blogging journey and want to continue the same.

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