Education = Employment

Yes, education and employment are interrelated. Click here to know how: Education = Employment


Humanity is the mother of all religions. Let's read more about it: Humanity

Sharing is Caring

You might have heard this quote several times. Let's read more about it: Sharing is Caring

Skill Development

Skill development is a part of education. Here's why skill development is important: Education and Skill Development

Charity and Support

When the whole world is facing the dangerous coronavirus, charity and support is the need of the hour. Read more: Charity and Support

Divided we stand, United we fall

The title is a bit unusual. Right? The article is related to social distancing due to coronavirus. Read here to know more: Divided we stand, United we fall

Role of Volunteers In an NGO

Volunteers play a crucial role in every NGO. Want to know how?

Things The World Missed Due To Coronavirus

Here's a compilation of all the events affected when the whole world went under lockdown: Things The World Missed Due to Coronavirus This article has been published with World Model Hunt magazine.

Benefits of Volunteering For an NGO

Check the given link to know about the numerous benefits of volunteering for an NGO, especially, if you are a student. Benefits of Volunteering for an NGO

Objectives of NGO

Service to the nation and its people

Significance of the Day – May 14

There's something new and wonderful for you to read. Must check it out: Day Today

Feminism and its ideals

Wrote another article on Feminism and the never-ending debate on its ideals. Feel free to check it out and send your reviews: Feminism

Today In History – 11 May

There's a lot happening every year on a single date. Let's know a few facts about 11 May: Today In History - 11 May Also, please check the graphical timeline made by me.

Significance of the Day – May 11

Read about the special day today: National Eat What You Want Day

Importance of Child Education

Child Education is a very crucial matter when we talk about development and growth. Agree? Read more: Importance of Child Education


Check the link to know what all happened on 10 May in the past: Also, please see the timeline created by me. I have put great effort into it. Do tell, how was the timeline and please support by clicking on the like icon in the end.

Significance of the Day – 10 May

10 May, 2020 is a day of great significance. Click here to know more:


Do you know what is crowdfunding?


Read about Feminism

Confused About Your Career?

Confused about your career?

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