WORLD POETRY DAY Today is WORLD POETRY DAY. On this day, UNESCO recognizes the poets with the unique creative human mind. The day was celebrated to promote reading, writing and teaching skills of the people. On this special day, if you write some poem, do tag this post or drop your poetry link in the... Continue Reading →


Days spent in serious thought, Am I studying or going what? Trying to decide what to revise, When there is straining in my eyes. Sitting with a pile of books, Not caring about my beauty and looks. Tangled thoughts in my brain, Blood rushing through every vein. Trying to do what is left over, No... Continue Reading →


😊I'll miss every day of my school life😊💭Every memory was as sharp as a knife🗯️☺️Those happy days☺️🎉With packets of Lays🎉😠Fights and quarrels😤🌄Garden walks with squirrels🐿️🎓Those back benches🎓🍱Sharing tasty lunches🍱😂Laughing and crying😭📝And exam time praying🙏😠Every teacher's scolding😠📄And funny paper folding📄🚪Closing the door🚪💃And dancing from the heart's core🕺💖Hugs for no reason💖🌸Having fun in every season🍁😑Quarreling and regretting... Continue Reading →


I'll miss all my juniors Even more than my seniors Some boys and some girls Who handled my mood curls Met some in my buses Some in corridor traces Met some in school council With memories of sharing a pencil All of you are very sweet I'll surely plan a day to meet They wiped... Continue Reading →


Time to recollect all memories And to remember all funny stories A day to remind us of all ups and downs And to live like queens with crowns A day to pen down sweet messages Promising to remember each other till ages Promising that we'll never forget each other Will be together like a pair... Continue Reading →


I love you. I rejoice I miss you, I weep I ignore you, I regret I meet you, I gleam I see you, I dream Please suggest a title...


Speak slowly with voices down Listen carefully the nature's sound Listen when the river burbles And when the brook ripples A rustling sound in the glade Listen calmly standing in a shade Let the nature answer your questions Get the answers in its expressions Listen to the leaves rustling Feels like they are whispering Listen... Continue Reading →


Happy birthday Dude Enjoy your day with tasty food And a cheerful mood May you get lots of boons May you shine like the sun and moon May your singing be a hot talk in college And you become a part of everyone's knowledge Enjoy your day With family and friends with lots of play... Continue Reading →


It's a regular morning Some are walking and some are running One is in a hurry to reach office Other is wandering with his miss Some are out for a slow walk And some are indulged in a politics talk See a student running with his bag He has got a permanent late tag The... Continue Reading →


Set me free I want to see the world from the top of the tree Don't bind me with forces Don't force me to do a numerous courses I feel okay with my workplace looking messy My behavior is a bit fussy   Allow me to fly I'll show you rainbows in the sky Let... Continue Reading →


When she can do anything for me by hook or by crook, Why can't I become her cook? When she can protect me like a shade, Why can't I become her maid? When she can be selfless like a tree, Why can't I do her work of laundry? When she is ready to minimize her... Continue Reading →


Animals and gardens, For pollution, we ask pardons Flora and fauna We are sorry for our karma Let's switch to e-newspapers and e-books To improve our nature's looks Use less plastic Don't give a can, a kick Let's make it pretty again Raise it as an issue main It's not a game Nor a joke... Continue Reading →


Looking for a friend Who's love has no end I need a blend Of kindness, sweetness and good time to spend She shouldn't be selfish We will share every favorite dish Lots and lots of hugs and kisses And a slight love for fishes We'll help each other Won't notice what others may bother A... Continue Reading →


Diwali is a festival of lights Try not to indulge in any fights Enjoy with lots of shopping The list everytime has something new popping Decorating houses And exchanging gift pouches Trying latest DIYs Making flowers and butterflies Making beautiful colourful rangolis Protecting it from feet and bees Wearing beautiful dresses Bordered with thick laces... Continue Reading →


Pain is not when I study all night, pain is when those late nights, early mornings and even those sleepless nights don't pay off...


A sleepless night Spent in a fight There was a dim light Stress was at its height Brain full of exam stress Coffee in the cup was very less No thoughts of worldly pleasures No hunger for food which was once a precious treasure The whole country was sleeping My heart was weeping Life felt... Continue Reading →


Lovely were those days Playing with colorful clays Roaming around the house With no knowledge about the spouse Going out in stylish short dresses No requirement of hair presses No worries about taunting of society Those detective eyes of neighbour's aunty Sensitive health but high energy Frequently prone to allergy Laughing, crying or sleeping And... Continue Reading →


I miss the future plans we made And the afternoons spent in shade Those trips of future And sitting on a single chair Those cute selfies And together eaten sweet berries That plan of after school trip around India And the sweet bond of Anchal and Riya We planned a trip to Paris after graduation... Continue Reading →


A large stretch of water Laid silent without any mutter Low waves during the day High in the evening near the bay In the day it's blue And some white as the glue Sunset gives it a yellow and red color And the water gains a glamour At night it goes black The moon completes... Continue Reading →


Sunday is the opposite of curse Till night, empty gets my purse Monday morning sounds difficult Brain is like an ice melt Tuesday is sleepy Wednesday goes weepy Thursday is a bit active Friday is like an eve of festive Saturday is a celebration Again Sunday is a blessing fusion Which is your favourite day... Continue Reading →


Have a look At this book It makes me cry It's worth a fry Some of my friends love it And for some it is just a fun kit It haunts me in my dreams And even when I make ice-creams It threw me into a state of depression Soon I need a counselling session... Continue Reading →


It's the Narmada, a cascade of water It's the Narmada, the divine water It quenches the thirst of millions a day It's the place where many fishes play....


Everyone is selfish Better than them is a jellyfish They love me when they have work And they are ready to give me a Perk They forget me when it's over And they never come closer It hurts when people do such things Want to throw them out of friendly rings Such people ignore me... Continue Reading →


Without each other, we are incomplete Like a pencil without a paper sheet Like honey production without a bee Like waves without the sea We create chaos together We are incomplete without each other Like a shoe without the leather Our bond is getting better and better Whole day is spent in chitter and chatter... Continue Reading →

10 Quotes To Read When You Don’t Feel Productive


We all have those days when we just don’t want to do things. When productivity doesn’t come naturally to us. We get over this phase in our own ways but reading quotes certainly helps. So here I’ve put forth a collection of quotes that I find inspiring.

10 Productivity Quotes to get you started:


“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”

-Walt Disney

(Founder of Disney)

Do you have a long-term goal? Dreams that give you a reason to wake up? Well, just speaking about your dreams doesn’t make them real. Working towards them does.



“Tomorrow becomes never. No matter how small the task, take the first step now!”

-Tim Ferriss

(American entrepreneur, author, pod-caster, and angel investor)

Don’t feel like writing a post today? Well, then write a draft. Don’t complete the whole task if you can’t but at least complete the…

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Orange Brown everywhere It's the season of fall Green is found nowhere Depicts the nature's call Says that it's the time to dry It's hot and windy, humans will fry New fresh greens will pop out soon With the blessings of sun and moon Strange is the nature's camouflage Looks like trees are in twilight... Continue Reading →




There was a big gate, Put there to change my fate. I met many people and made some friends, Who changed my living trends. People of different religion, Or from a different region. All the friends I made on the way belonged to a village named commerce, They all helped me as there was nothing... Continue Reading →


He is a champ, Good for company in a camp. His nephew says he does 'seva' Everyone thinks he gets no 'meva' He is friendly to all He attends mind's every curious call. He is the one who lightens up dark minds He is the one who rejects myths of all kinds. He is not... Continue Reading →


What’s compulsory in one’s life is education This is the opinion of the whole population. It’s necessary to get educated Otherwise one will not get respected. Education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction It’s necessary for life’s fluxion. Getting educated is like a boon It’s not as easy as getting water in... Continue Reading →


Who knew that this little guy will grow up to be a rock star? Who knew that this little guy will grow up to be the galaxy’s brightest star? Who knew that this little guy will grow up to be so cute, who will never keep mute. Who knew that this little guy will grow... Continue Reading →


Our short meetings were full of greetings, All we used to talk about is cheating and eating. The moment you started threatening; For me, was a moment of deadening. The smiles we recognized from far, always served as backdrop of guitar Our faces gleamed like the brightest star and solved the purpose of heart’s radar.... Continue Reading →


Money! Money! Money! Everyone is mad about money. With money, we can buy books, but not knowledge. With money, we can buy a house, but not a home. With money, we can buy toys, but not fun. With money, we can buy luxury cars, but not those lovely and awesome rides on which we move... Continue Reading →


When we were together, Pleasant was the weather. Our togetherness was beautiful, None of us was dutiful. We shared chocolates, and managed our blood platelets. A day came, you started ignoring me, Others thought, quarreled were we. Who knew, it was one-sided hatred, In which, nothing was sacred. I tried to approach you, But, you... Continue Reading →


God made nature And humans to nurture Water from tap Or from nature’s lap The whole of it is dirty Which is not at all worthy But, we waste it all And never care about disastrous nature’s call Nature snoozes alarms We ignore it with great calms Tsunamis, floods or earthquakes God reminds us of... Continue Reading →


Stress, we can’t share, Even if we care. But, we can reduce it, If we try a little bit. Stress causes frustration, And mind undergoes mental isolation. Stress, in my case, is a consequence of studies, Which I cure with the aid of my buddies. Stress causes bad health of body and mind, Can be... Continue Reading →


A broken heart, a cloudy sky, A lonely road, no one to say goodbye. Little drops of rain, little drops of grain When someone is in pain, there’s no one to claim. Pearls from eyes, a life without dyes Like a paper nibbled by mice. Who cares what does this soul feel When there’s no... Continue Reading →


Love is not a boy and girl walking hand - in - hand along the streets. Love is when a brother asks another, ‘bro, when will you return home? It’s already too late.’ Love is when a daughter asks her father, ‘papa, today you are looking stressed, any issue?’ Love is when a brother tells... Continue Reading →


Examinations, a stress, Students are depressed, Some with sample papers, but some still with chess, Some are chilling and some are worrying, This makes a difference in report card fillings, But in fact, it does not have feelings, And what about the datesheet? It’s worth a heart attack sheet, Which we experience during exams, After... Continue Reading →

World Of My Thoughts

Welcome Friends! This is my first blog post. My blog is all about poetry. It's my hobby. When I think deeply about something, I wish to represent in a poetic manner. This is fun and I enjoy it. My blog is dedicated to those who are fond of poems and the poetic world where, according... Continue Reading →

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