There was a big gate, Put there to change my fate. I met many people and made some friends, Who changed my living trends. People of different religion, Or from a different region. All the friends I made on the way belonged to a village named commerce, They all helped me as there was nothing... Continue Reading →


What’s compulsory in one’s life is education This is the opinion of the whole population. It’s necessary to get educated Otherwise one will not get respected. Education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction It’s necessary for life’s fluxion. Getting educated is like a boon It’s not as easy as getting water in... Continue Reading →


Money! Money! Money! Everyone is mad about money. With money, we can buy books, but not knowledge. With money, we can buy a house, but not a home. With money, we can buy toys, but not fun. With money, we can buy luxury cars, but not those lovely and awesome rides on which we move... Continue Reading →


When we were together, Pleasant was the weather. Our togetherness was beautiful, None of us was dutiful. We shared chocolates, and managed our blood platelets. A day came, you started ignoring me, Others thought, quarreled were we. Who knew, it was one-sided hatred, In which, nothing was sacred. I tried to approach you, But, you... Continue Reading →


God made nature And humans to nurture Water from tap Or from nature’s lap The whole of it is dirty Which is not at all worthy But, we waste it all And never care about disastrous nature’s call Nature snoozes alarms We ignore it with great calms Tsunamis, floods or earthquakes God reminds us of... Continue Reading →


Examinations, a stress, Students are depressed, Some with sample papers, but some still with chess, Some are chilling and some are worrying, This makes a difference in report card fillings, But in fact, it does not have feelings, And what about the datesheet? It’s worth a heart attack sheet, Which we experience during exams, After... Continue Reading →

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