Time to recollect all memories And to remember all funny stories A day to remind us of all ups and downs And to live like queens with crowns A day to pen down sweet messages Promising to remember each other till ages Promising that we'll never forget each other Will be together like a pair... Continue Reading →


Pleasant to look at


Hello beautiful hearts, welcome to my blog and this is my first SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD gifted to me by James who writes over at myplace3187. I would like you to visit the wonderful blog. Thanks a lot James. I am really grateful for this. RULES Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link... Continue Reading →


Diwali is a festival of lights Try not to indulge in any fights Enjoy with lots of shopping The list everytime has something new popping Decorating houses And exchanging gift pouches Trying latest DIYs Making flowers and butterflies Making beautiful colourful rangolis Protecting it from feet and bees Wearing beautiful dresses Bordered with thick laces... Continue Reading →


Thanks to jesusluvsall for gifting me this award nomination. I am very grateful to you for taking me as the one who deserves this. This is the second Liebster Award nomination, as depicted by the title. Award Rules: 1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. 2. Share 11 facts about yourself. 3. Answer the 11 questions the... Continue Reading →


Season's Greetings to all my friends, it's been two years since I started WORLD OF MY THOUGHTS and today, we are here celebrating the 2nd blogiversary, although we didn't celebrate the first. Last year, my blog was inactive for months because I was very indulged in other things due to which my brain never worked... Continue Reading →


Sunday is the opposite of curse Till night, empty gets my purse Monday morning sounds difficult Brain is like an ice melt Tuesday is sleepy Wednesday goes weepy Thursday is a bit active Friday is like an eve of festive Saturday is a celebration Again Sunday is a blessing fusion Which is your favourite day... Continue Reading →


  MAKE SURE YOU SCROLL TILL THE END....   TIME FOR CELEBRATIONS!! Finally, the most awaited moment of my blog 100 FOLLOWERS   So guys, I have hit the first milestone of my blog, 100 followers!!!!! This is a fruit of a tree which I planted on 21 September, 2017. It's been 1 year and... Continue Reading →


Hello friends!! Today, I'm here to show something new. As you may know, I'm mostly into writing, but today I thought of posting this. TRYING SOMETHING NEW!! I know that you have understood because you have already read the title!! Hahaha If you like them, I'll surely make more like these.... So, I have three... Continue Reading →


Examinations, a stress, Students are depressed, Some with sample papers, but some still with chess, Some are chilling and some are worrying, This makes a difference in report card fillings, But in fact, it does not have feelings, And what about the datesheet? It’s worth a heart attack sheet, Which we experience during exams, After... Continue Reading →

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