REWIND 2019😉

We have come close to the end of 2019, actually the closest. It seems like we just started 2019, 'Oh! I say that every year'. This year was full of ups and downs and life was like a roller-coaster throughout the year. This year was full of stress. I had exams every month, literally every... Continue Reading →


When everyone is busy in making plans for New Year Eve and the week to come, this tag popped in my notification box. It sounds fun. So, let's start with it: Here is how to participate: Share a link back to the person who tagged you. Share a link to the person who created the... Continue Reading →

New Year, New You: Introducing…The Happy Tribe Planathon 2020!

Are you excited for the new year? Would you like to meticulously plan your year, to make it productive, and to make the most out of it? Here’s a planning party to help you through it, The Happy Tribe Planathon!

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