Good greetings everyone!! Today, I would like to make all of you aware of a disease which is found in each and every human being from age of approximately ten to infinity. This disease gets more and more severe as a person starts living a formal life. It’s such a serious one, you can’t even imagine. Many a times, people even lose their lives due to this. Once it enters one’s brain, it can cause mental depression followed by weakness and other health disorders. So, what’s it?

Any guesses??…….

Friends, this disease is all about your opinion about how to maintain your reputation in society. So, here’s the time for the name of the illness we are talking about. It’s LKK. I hope you have understood. If still not, then let’s talk more about it.

Answer another question. Before doing or saying something publicly or presenting you in front of a big crowd of audience, what is the first thing that you think about or what is the first question that you ask yourself?

I can bet 99.99% of you will have the same answer “Log Kya Kahenge.” So, this is what we are going to talk about in the proceeding moments. So friends, the disease as mentioned earlier is Log Kya Kahenge (LKK).

Yes, accept it; it’s there in you, me and everybody around the globe. I hope you will understand it better as we go through this topic deeper and deeper.

Let’s go through some examples to make it simpler.

Suppose, in front of a crowd of five thousand people, I ask you to come upon the stage and give a dance performance. I know, you’ll deny immediately. But, what’s the reason? The first thing that strike through your mind was your reputation. You thought that I don’t know how to dance well, if I don’t perform well, people will laugh at me, I’ll become a laughing stock for all of them etc. You’ll think ‘Log Kya Kahenge if I am not able to dance well’ and all these thoughts will finally frame a conclusion in your mind which states just a single word, i.e., denial because you will think that it is only option left for you.

Another example, this time I’ll address it to myself.

Someone asks me to deliver a speech without any prior information. Now, let me tell you how does my brain react “No, let me deny the order. What if I fail to recall my ideas? What if my tongue slips in between? What if I speak something wrong? What if my whole planned content suddenly escapes my memory?” Oh! So many Ifs and Buts. So, again the same reaction as yours, ‘denial.’

Guys, why to think so much before doing something? Just do what makes you happy and what you feel is right, but not something destructive for the society. Do what gives you the real pleasures of life. This is the key to lead a wonderful and happy life.

It’s the time to study the consequences of the newly discovered disease, ‘LKK.’

Usually, the case is that a person wishes to express his/her talent in front of the whole world, but the nervousness and anxiety becomes the barrier. Actually, the fright is not yours; it’s of the society and its comments which make you feel anxious before presenting yourself in front of them.

The ideology required to beat this disease is just a four-word phrase, i.e., ‘Let’s face the world.’ This is the antidote to LKK. As said earlier, do what gives you pleasure. Don’t ever think ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ and just give your best. Say to yourself, ‘let people say what they say, I’ll do what I want.’ Remember, in today’s era, no one has the time and energy to see, think and then comment on what you are doing in front of them.

Another consideration of a student thinking about the stream to be chosen in class eleven- she will first think of her own dreams and ambitions in life. Then, she will think about her parent’s opinion about her career. At the same time, she will also think about the streams which her friends are going to choose. Moreover, taking into consideration, the societal views upon this topic which usually says that if a student has got science stream, she must have scored excellent in previous standard and vice-versa for humanities, she will feel a bit sheepish while sharing her decisions with her family, friends or anybody who asks her about this matter. In this case, her decision might get altered because of various factors, which she thinks, she would have to face while telling people about her conclusion on this theme.

So, what finally happened is just building of stress and overthinking which at last creates anonymous pressure on one’s mind and leaves it thoughtless.

Now is the time for another common factor which a boy has to face in the society. Friends, all of us have emotions and we need to express them. Let’s consider the case of a student of class 8. If it is a girl and she cries, she will get sympathy & love from all the people around her. But, if it is a boy, he will not be sympathized by anyone. Moreover, he will become a standing joke for the crowd. Everyone will say, ‘just see him, he is such a grown up child, but still he cries, he has no shame at all, he cries like a girl, he does not have characteristics of a boy, he behaves like a girl, cries on pity things etc.’ This is something very common. Don’t think it to be something new and odd. I myself have seen it several times. But, believe me; this can have very bad effects in future. This depression gets collected in the boy’s brain and it later comes out in the form of domestic violence.      

Now, you all might be thinking that earlier I mentioned that people lose their lives due to LKK. But, how? Let me tell you.

Suppose, a person wants to pursue a career as a photographer, but his parents want him to be a doctor. So, they pressurize him and he, with a lot of efforts, gets admission in a medical college. He didn’t have any sort of interest in it. He scored quite low. His parents scolded him. He gets tortured by seeing his own regress in studies. Pressure increases and he gets depressed. As soon as the result of final year comes out, he gets to know he has failed and at that very moment, when his brain was full of depression, he commits a suicide.

Now, I have a different example for you.

Assuming, a boy and a girl are friends. They go to a restaurant to have lunch together. There, people see them having lunch together, laughing, talking and enjoying. So, instead of thinking their connection as friends, they think that the two people are in a relationship of love. Similarly, if we see a girl and a boy along the streets walking together or sitting together in a park, we immediately start commenting about them without even considering the fact that they can be just good friends also. Such friends daily face comments like,’ See them, such dirty, characterless people,etc.’ Just ignore it. Let them say what they wish to.  Due to this reason, in many cases, even friends are not able to truly feel their friendship towards each other, just thinking, ‘Log Kya Kahenge.’

So, do you need any more examples?

Express your talent. Once or twice you may be wrong, but at some point you will succeed and that moment will be the happiest one for you. Even if you know that a particular phase is your weakness, like I have stage fear. So, don’t be afraid of it. Face it. Do it again and again until you get yourself polished. Don’t think that you are weak and the others are strong. Remember, no one is perfect. Even the ones who are judging you are not perfect.

We have got one life. So let’s enjoy it. Leave behind all the societal pressures and enjoy the real pleasures of life. Just express what you feel and life will make you feel happy. Don’t be shy in saying anything or doing anything.  If you feel like saying something to anyone, just say it.  If you want to do something, do it. Make your own roads to walk on, your own libraries to read, and your own cultures to be followed; don’t be a follower, be a leader. Be a light of motivation for all. Before doing something, don’t think ‘Log Kya Kahenge’, because sometimes the public opinion changes from the time of processing to the time of finalization. People will deny you ideologies while you are working upon them but, that should never lower your self-confidence. If you think you are better than others, then just keep it up and continue with your business. After you are done with it, the whole world will appreciate you and you’ll be the star. People, at some point, will try to crush you down and will do great efforts in making you realize that you are wrong. But, remember, you are right and no one can beat you.

At every point, people will comment, but what you have to do is just ignore and move on. Leave the whole world behind and focus on your notion.

So friends, in a nut shell, never ever in your life think,”LOG KYA KAHENGE” 

13 thoughts on “LOG KYA KAHENGE

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  1. This is one of the most important lessons that life has to each everyone. People’s opinions scare all of us. Only people who overcome the fear get to move forward and be successful in life. After all, Darr k aage jheet hai! 🙂

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  2. It’s so true, getting over this fear of log Kia kahain gey is the first step to success. Be yourself in the world of endless expectations. Loved your view point.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Nice post and a much needed one in today’s world. Kuch karo ya na karo, Log toh kahenge logon ka kaam hai kehna! Keep up the nice work. ☺

    Liked by 4 people

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