There was a big gate,

Put there to change my fate.

I met many people and made some friends,

Who changed my living trends.

People of different religion,

Or from a different region.

All the friends I made on the way belonged to a village named commerce,

They all helped me as there was nothing in my purse.

Don’t make any predictions,

Let’s start with their introduction.

Here’s Accountancy,

It has just two words to say,

Debit and credit will always play.

Credit abbreviated as Cr., acceptable

Debit abbreviated as Dr., unbelievable.

I just started and it gave me hundreds of new terms to learn,

I thought it was giving me ways to earn.

We talked about its objectives, significance, formations ans functions;

And all that ended with limitations

It taught me some concepts and principles,

Which I grabbed like eatables.

Then, I was asked to climb a ladder,

Which was as important as the bladder.

It started with identifying,

Which really needed some clarifying.

And ended at communicating,

Which was a far meeting.

We referred to evidences of transactions for recording,

Which was boring like bells ding ding.

Then I met Journal,

Who was strict like a Colonel.

Journal ha a son named Ledger,

Who was the information merger.

Ledger has uncountable kids,

Whose counting has no lids.

Trial Balance is a place thy all meet,

It’s totals should never cheat.

Final Accounts are framed out of it,

Till then the student goes into the pit.

But the pit was not free from stress,

It had buttons like rectification and depreciation to press.

We had disputes when our friendship began,

Thrown were my marks like and empty can.

But now, differences in our ideology are coped up,

Now, Accountancy and I together ump up.

Meet a new friend,

Whose knowledge as no end.

People call it Business Studies,

And it has many buddies.It taught me a lot about business,

And got me free from my dizziness.

It has a friend called company,

Strict laws are always stuck to his knee.

Business studies has endless things to tell,

You need to know all otherwise it will compel.

All of us were walking,

Someone from far came talking.

They all told it was economics,

Who said Indian economy as a mix.

It talked all about market,

Of all fluctuations and its controlling circuit.

Production-consumption were his hands,

Demand – supply worn like bands.

I made so many friends at commerce village,

Some of which belonged to old age.

But there I got an enemy as well,

Our thoughts were contradicting like sky and well.

This was Mathematics,

I never understood his tips and tricks.

Strange were his ways of living,

It was never in a mood of giving.

It had problems every now and then,

And asked permanent question,” You will solve it when?”

We tried to solve and resolve disputes,

But our bonding never became cute.

Still struggling to make up with him,

So that together we can swim…


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  1. You map out the world of business so beautifully with your words ~ incredible post 🙂 And how I cope and deal with the business side of life is pure mathematics: quantify and every issue I face can be worked out through analysis which when complemented by the experience around me, a decision to be made makes itself. Cheers to the final days of summer!

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