Our short meetings were full of greetings,

All we used to talk about is cheating and eating.

The moment you started threatening;

For me, was a moment of deadening.

The smiles we recognized from far, always served as backdrop of guitar

Our faces gleamed like the brightest star and solved the purpose of heart’s radar.

Rarely did we have to have a good conversation, which framed the bond’s foundation.

Then, started the regular evening calls, which were full of fun like bouncing balls.

Sometimes care and sometimes share,

Sometimes we looked at each other with a glare.

Finally, at one time, we had to pause all our conversations because of those unacceptable examinations.

I used to miss you a lot,

When we could neither meet nor talk.

I missed you so much as a clot.


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  1. A beautiful poem…I’d really appreciate if you would take a look at my site when you have the time to.
    I’ve written two poems by far as I’m new to blogging but I’m sure you’d really like them…
    And do check out my latest post, The Dark Alley. It was my first shot at fiction…
    Happy reading! 🙂


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