Have a look

At this book

It makes me cry

It’s worth a fry

Some of my friends love it

And for some it is just a fun kit

It haunts me in my dreams

And even when I make ice-creams

It threw me into a state of depression

Soon I need a counselling session

For some, it’s a cake walk

And for some, it’s like a normal talk

But for me, it is at a great height

And Acrophobia gives me a height fright

It is a cruel man’s creation

Which is spread all over our nation

Tell me how to make it my friend

So that I can set a new trend


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22 thoughts on “MY UNCLEAR BOOKS

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      1. 😁 😁
        First of all, thank you, for you’ve actually liked EXACTLY all of old my posts. 😍
        I’ve been wondering whether you’ve actually read ALL IN ONE day or merely clicked LIKE ! 😇

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