A broken heart, a cloudy sky,

A lonely road, no one to say goodbye.

Little drops of rain, little drops of grain

When someone is in pain, there’s no one to claim.

Pearls from eyes, a life without dyes

Like a paper nibbled by mice.

Who cares what does this soul feel

When there’s no one to heal.

No hugs to pour

Only tears till core.

All because of trust

Broken by them was not must.

Bottles full of beautiful precious pearls

When hair are tangled with typical curls.

I don’t know why I still have this urge

When I know we can’t merge.


11 thoughts on “A BROKEN HEART

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  1. “Pearls from eyes, a life without dyes
    Like a paper nibbled by mice.”You got me there.
    That was really beautiful.Your poems are great and the best thing is that you focus on simple yet beautiful things.
    I have a suggestion
    What I found you stick to aabb rhyme scheme in most of your compositions which makes the poem monotonous especially for long ones.For long poems break it into stanzas and try out different rhyming schemes.
    Keep Writing.😁


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