What’s compulsory in one’s life is education

This is the opinion of the whole population.

It’s necessary to get educated

Otherwise one will not get respected.

Education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction

It’s necessary for life’s fluxion.

Getting educated is like a boon

It’s not as easy as getting water in a spoon.

Education is all about knowledge

Which can be pursued in any language.

Imparting education is like haulage

Which is a noble lineage.

Education is a journey

Which is to be covered even when it’s rainy

Education begins with pedagogy

It doesn’t even end at andragogy.

Education brings wisdom

Without it, a person is dumb.

Education created erudition,

It brings out one’s passion.

Education brings out intellect

Which helps ideas to collect.

Education avoids ignorance

It brings out brilliance.

Education can cram one’s brain

Which makes it run faster than a bullet train.

So, education is worth importance

Which doesn’t need to be explained through any instance. 


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    1. I understood every rule but I wasn’t able to understand how to nominate other bloggers….How did you link my blog to that post with the words Riya Gupta from A New Era of Poetry.?

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      1. First copy the address of a post on the site of the person you want to nominate. Then in the window that you write your post there is a little chain symbol. Click on that and it will give you a space to paste the address. You can also check the box that opens the link in a different window. Let me know if that helps or not. And I’m super excited to read your post!!

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