Hello friends, I need a small help from you people. I think I should do something new on my blog. So, what do you think? Should I add something new to my blog or continue with poems only?

Should I convert my blog from JUST A POETRY BLOG  to JUST EVERYTHING kind of blog?

I’ll involve some product reviews, some promotions, my life updates, etc.

What do you think?


23 thoughts on “HELP ME PLEASE..!

Add yours

  1. What’s in your heart? What moves/drives you? You’re known for your [wonderful] poetry, so do keep at it. 🙂 Give thought to what you enjoy, what you believe you’d [also] enjoy blogging about. Reviews, be it of books or films or events . . . ? Promoting positivity? I ask again, what’s in your heart? 🙂

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  2. I think you can start many more things like book and movie reviews, writing articles on any topic of interest. If you like to travel you can write posts like best places to visit in xyz etc. That will get you views from normal searches also outside your wordpress followers.
    I think that a blog talking about everything would be interesting. But don’t forget that some people might be following you because of poetry, so don’t stop that.

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  3. If you are skilled and focusing only on poetries of every type then you should continue it. Otherwise you can add more things in it.

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  4. Riya What were you leaning toward in seeking change ? I think having an all sorts of blogs is better than just one thing. I know you will be well recieved on any type of new blog creation you end up with. We all love your blog as is my good friend.

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              1. I have always enjoyed your blog as you are a great writer. What do you think readers could want to see you create new ? If, you want to switch to poetry, that I think is a great choice. Creating blog stories is always a no fail choice. I hope this is explained easier to understand Riya.

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