When she can do anything for me by hook or by crook,

Why can’t I become her cook?

When she can protect me like a shade,

Why can’t I become her maid?

When she can be selfless like a tree,

Why can’t I do her work of laundry?

When she is ready to minimize her share,

Why can’t I give her some extra care?

When she can be my beautician all life long,

Why can’t I sing her favorite song?

When she can teach me to walk,

Why can’t I spare some time to talk?

When she can carry me for nine months in her womb,

Why can’t I clean her little room?

When she can teach me to write,

Why can’t I support her when she is right?

When she can lift me whenever I fall,

Why can’t I answer her each call?

When she can sacrifice all her comfort,

Why can’t I try not to hurt?

When she can laugh even in times of pain,

Why can’t I protect her from the rain?

And why can’t I give up for her some of my gain?

When she can always be so kind,

Why can’t I give relaxation to her body and mind?

When she can be my adviser,

Why can’t I be her full time driver?

And that’s what TRUE LOVE is…

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  1. एक बार फिर मैंने पढ़ा जितनी बार पढ़ें कम है बहोत खूबसूरत है

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