Diwali is a festival of lights

Try not to indulge in any fights

Enjoy with lots of shopping

The list everytime has something new popping

Decorating houses

And exchanging gift pouches

Trying latest DIYs

Making flowers and butterflies

Making beautiful colourful rangolis

Protecting it from feet and bees

Wearing beautiful dresses

Bordered with thick laces

New home decors and lots of sweets

And sweet relation meets

Crackers and candles

And loads of fun pills

Worships and prayers

And removing all dirt layers

Meeting friends and relatives

Starting celebrations since days of eves

It’s the greatest festival of India

And most awaited by Riya

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Diwali is a festival celebrated in India. It is a festival of lights. It symbolises friendship and brotherhood. People start cleaning their houses since week before and decorate the house with beautiful and colourful lights, candles, diyas, rangolis, wall and door hangings, flowers and many more home decors. We exchange gifts with our relatives and friends. The celebration includes lighting up the whole house and preparing special dishes and desserts.

Diyas are tiny bowl like things in which oil and a string of cotton is put and lit.

Rangolis are designs made on the floor with powder colours, flower petals and decorated with diyas. Nowadays, we are getting some printed ones also.

Wall and door hangings are made of pearls and flowers and are avilable in a large variety all over the country.


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